The CAFE method, TCCC-NES project initiative meeting

Date and time: September 7 2023, 11.00 - 12.30
Location: Online
Registration: If you wish to participate please contact the TDCC-NES Community Coordinator at

Project working title: The CAFE (Code Along, Feel Empowered) method
Building and sustaining a network of inclusive programming communities for researchers

Modern research in the NES domain increasingly requires the practical ability of researchers to write and share code. In fact, the “need for improvement of computational reproducibility practices” is identified as one of the key challenges for the domain in the TDCC NES Roadmap. While there are plenty of free resources available to learn coding basics, it can be difficult to effectively implement these skills.

Organizers of local programming learning communities at TU Delft, Utrecht University, VU Amsterdam, and Leiden University have successfully created accessible and inclusive spaces to connect and support researchers. They regularly organize presentations and practical sessions on best coding practices with topics relevant to the NES disciplines. (e.g. Geospatial Data Analysis with R).

With support from TDCC-NES they plan to join forces to grow a national network of Programming Cafés using the CAFE (Code Along, Feel Empowered) method. A common platform would enable exchange of experiences and original resources (i.e. the CAFE Playbook) to facilitate the creation and sustainability of new Programming Cafés. This platform would aim to engage NES researchers across the Netherlands in community learning about coding.

Interested? Join the CAFÉ method project initiative meeting, contribute with your ideas and take part in co-writing the project proposal.

To join the project initiative meeting, please get in touch with TDCC-NES Community Coordinator at