TDCC SSH Project Initiatives

The TDCC-SSH offers two funding strands to support collaborative projects in the Social Sciences and/or Humanities. We regularly have projects in various forms of development, that welcome your feedback and involvement. See below for more details and stay informed by subscribing to our mailing list.

Challenge projects

The Challenge funding strand is intended for mid-sized projects with a duration of 24 - 30 months and a budget between €50,000 - €400,000. The first call for these projects launched in November 2023 with an initial sum of €1,6 million per TDCC. This call will be open for twelve months and the review process will be transparent, collaborative and community led. Click below for details on the process and how to apply.

Bottleneck projects

Bottleneck projects are small scale, lasting 12 months and with a budget of maximum €150,000. There's a one-off sum of €950,000 per TDCC available to distribute through this funding strand. The light-touch collaborative process to develop these projects began in mid 2023 and will continue until all funding is allocated.