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Bottleneck project

Strengthening the Dutch LSH FAIR data stewardship landscape – installing a national cohort of FAIR LSH fellows

Facilitating and harmonizing community-driven initiatives is an essential element of professionalizing data driven health and life sciences. Fostering collaborative relationships and strengthening the connection between various national and international initiatives, such as large-scale research infrastructures, research consortia and data supporting organizations, is a crucial step to advance the life sciences & health data infrastructure in the Netherlands.  

A national cohort of FAIR fellows is proposed to tackle the prioritized bottleneck challenges that have been identified by the LSH community in the period 2021-2022 and have been described in the LSH roadmap. These bottlenecks are related to 1) network building, 2) tools, resources & guidelines and 3) skill building. In this first cohort of fellows, all RPOs (i.e. Universities & UMC’s) in the Netherlands will be eligible to put forward one fellow. The fellows will bring in their expertise in life sciences and/or health data handling. They will work simultaneously on advancing their own skills (with the commitment to bring this expertise to their own organisation) as well as working in a national context to tackle common challenges. The fellows will be guided by a team of expert coaches and supported by a dedicated training & capacity building programme.

Main Objectives
  • Enhancing digital competencies across Dutch Health & Life sciences by skill building in FAIR data stewardship in the RPOs in the Netherlands
  • Collaboratively develop solutions and resources related to FAIR implementation in the LSH domain in the Netherlands
  • Increase cross-domain collaboration in FAIR implementation in the LSH domain by expanding and strengthening the network of FAIR LSH experts 

*This bottleneck project is currently still under development and to be submitted under the TDCC bottleneck projects. Once finalised and approved, more information will become available.