TDCC LSH Project Development Process

Submitting project ideas

The Dutch Research Council (NWO) has opened the first TDCC project call from November 15, 2023 until November 15, 2024 at 14:00:00 CET to further support the TDCC network and support the digitalization of science as a whole. (*Please note that the TDCC-LSH Expression of Interest submission deadlines for the two rounds are at: Round 1: 08 Jan 2024 / Round 2: 05 Apr 2024) In most cases, this is not about developing new scientific knowledge, but about finding and disseminating the right knowledge, and agreeing on its joint application. The projects resulting from this call will therefore focus mainly on support and networking. Applicants can apply for a minimum total of €50,000 and a maximum of €400,000 for project proposals with a maximum duration of 24 months. This TDCC call differs from other NWO open calls, due to the fact that a submission letter from the responsible TDCC domain is required before one can apply for project funding at the Dutch Research Council (NWO). More information on how to obtain the submission letter for TDCC-LSH can be found below. The TDCC-LSH has developed a joint non-competitive application and assessment process, which focuses on connecting initiatives to strengthen project applications and prevent fragmentation of project funding. The TDCC-LSH therefore asks all members of the LSH research community to submit community-driven project ideas! 

The TDCC-LSH is building on the working relationships and collaborations it has established with various stakeholders in the health and life sciences domain and aims to utilize the TDCC-LSH network to develop community-driven projects. Once new project ideas are submitted to TDCC-LSH, the TDCC-LSH team will explore similar projects and provide matchmaking opportunities that hopefully result in stronger community-driven projects. As a first step, we ask interested applicants to share their project idea via a short Expression of Interest statement (see details below). The complete process is set-up in such a way that successful ideas will gradually require more time investment from the applicants, that proposals are co-developed from the start and are finalized at the end of the process and can be directly submitted to NWO.  

The TDCC-LSH will conduct two project rounds in 2023-2024, each with their own project deadlines: indicated as (Round 1 / Round 2). For more information about the process itself, please refer to the guideline below, which is also summarized in the figure and table below).

The TDCC-LSH organises several information meetings on the project call for the life sciences and health communities:

TDCC-LSH Challenge project process: 

Step 1. Submit your idea to the TDCC-LSH using the Expression of Interest form 
Deadline(s): Round 1: 08 Jan 2024 / Round 2: 05 Apr 2024 

On the 15th of November 2023 the NWO TDCC call will open, and the Expression of Interest form will be available on the TDCC website. Applicants can submit their idea by filling in the Expression of interest form. Here you will be asked to write a short description about your project ideas, collaborating partners and which TDCC-LSH roadmap challenges your project addresses.  
*Please note that while the NWO call remains open till the 15th of November 2024, the deadlines for obtaining a TDCC submission letter will be closing sooner due to the review process involved! Hence, make sure to submit an idea before the deadline and the Expression of Interest form closes. 

Step 1,5: TDCC-LSH team will be contacting and connecting initiatives  
Applicants can expect a response: Round 1: 15 Jan 2024 / Round 2: 26 Apr 2024 

After submission the TDCC-LSH will do a limited criteria check (domain relevance, addressing roadmap challenges, collaboration potential, etc.), to see if the submitted Expression of Interest idea is potentially eligible for a TDCC-LSH submission letter. The TDCC-LSH team will then compare all applications and if relevant match them with other submitted ideas or already existing projects and initiatives in the TDCC-LSH community. The TDCC-LSH team will then contact and connect applicants as needed and can also facilitate project meetings with the aim of fostering or strengthening collaboration between initiatives.  

Step 2: Refine idea and write a pre-proposal  
Deadline(s): Round 1: 19 Feb 2024 / Round 2: 07 Jun 2024 

After an initial meeting for all successfull participants (date to be confirmed), all the teams will be asked to translate their expression of interest ideas into a more comprehensive project plan. Project teams will conduct their own process to align ideas and make sure that the submitted project is in line with the community needs, resulting in a pre-proposal that combines ideas and connects different initiatives. Finally, the project teams will be asked to submit their pre-proposal before the deadline indicated above to the TDCC-LSH team. The TDCC-LSH team will then send the pre-proposals to the TDCC-LSH Programme Board for review.  

Step 2,5: TDCC-LSH Programme Board review decision and feedback  
Applicants can expect a response:  Round 1: 18 Mar 2024 / Round 2: 05 Jul 2024 

The TDCC-LSH Programme Board will evaluate the application, suggest other potential partners and provide overall feedback on the proposal. Applicants will receive confirmation that the proposals will either be: rejected, revisited at a later stage or be approved and thus allowing applicants to proceed to step 3, writing the full proposal.  

Step 3: Writing and submitting the full proposal  
Deadline(s):  Round 1: 01 May 2024 / Round 2: 27 Sep 2024
Once writing teams have obtained the approval of the TDCC-LSH Programme Board they will write the full proposal. The full project proposal needs to be written following the format of the application form provided by NWO, available in ISAAC.  
*More information about the forms, the TDCC call, or ISAAC can be found on the NWO website.   

Step 3,5: Final check and decision by TDCC-LSH programme board   
Applicants can expect a response: Round 1: 15 May 2024 /Round 2: 11 Oct 2024 

The TDCC-LSH programme board will review the final proposals. Applicants will receive confirmation that the proposals will either be: rejected, revisited at a later stage or be approved and thus allowing applicants to proceed to step 4 & 5, submitting the full proposal. 

Step 4. Obtain letter of Submission by TDCC-LSH 
Applicants can expected a response: Round 1: 03 Jun 2024 / Round 2: 25 Oct 2024 

Once the project proposal has received positive feedback from the TDCC-LSH programme board, the applicant(s) will receive the letter of submission by email of TDCC-LSH that is needed to complete the NWO call.  

Step 5. Applicants submit the proposal to NWO through ISAAC
Deadline(s): 15 Jun 2024 13 Jun 2024 * per request of NWO / 15 Nov 2024  14 Nov 2024* per request of NWO due to limited ISAAC support on the 15th

After obtaining the letter of submission from the TDCC-LSH, the applicant can submit their proposal to the NWO call through ISAAC.