Webinar: Facilitating FAIR practices in Natural and Engineering Sciences

As a contribution to RDA's A Decade of Data: Celebrating 10 Years of the Research Data Alliance programme, the TDCC-NES will give a webinar titled: Facilitating FAIR practices in research methods, data, and software in Natural and Engineering Sciences – an example from the Dutch landscape.

Date and time: November 24 2023, 11.15 - 12.00
Location: Online via Zoom
Registration: through RDA website

This webinar will present the concept of Thematic Digital Competence Centres (TDCCs) within the broader context of RDM landscape in the Netherlands where they were formed. It will focus in more detail on the TDCC for the Natural & Engineering Sciences (TDCC-NES), outlining the 1st year of its existence. The webinar will showcase TDCC-NES network activities, its governance structure, and project programme, including the first funded projects and their expected outcomes. It will also explore links to international initiatives across NES disciplines with potential for collaboration.

For more information and registration visit the event page on RDA's website.