Workshop 'FAIR for physical objects'

CC BY-SA 4.0 | 2012 | Alessandro Nassiri

Aim of this workshop is to find out if there is a common interest to start a project (to be financed under the TDCC NES program) on developing FAIR guidelines for physical objects (how to make physical objects FAIR). If you are interested to participate, please e-mail:

  1. Introduction to the challenge of making Physical Objects FAIR? 
  1. Inspirational
    1. ISRIC Soil Museum Collection presentation - Stephan Mantel (ISRIC)
    2. Naturalis DISSco project , Wouter Adding (Naturalis)
    3. KB collection - Simone Kortekaas (Royal Library)
  1. RDA working group findings - Esther Plomp (TU Delft)  

13: 30:  Break and networking

  1. Challenges for Repositories - Madeleine de Smaele and Roel Jansen (TU Delft)
  1. Discussion Usefulness: is it useful to think about FAIR for physical objects
    1. What kind of objects?
    2. What should be kept
    3. Stability of the objects (how long does it ‘live’) 
    4. Hardware used in research 
  1. Discussion: How to deal with Persistent identifiers
    1. Connection between digital & physical object
    2. Referring to samples
  1. Discussion: What metadata standard should be used/developed
    1. Machine actionable
    2. Keep track of physical changes of the object
  1. Conclusion

Image of Olivetti. CC BY-SA 4.0 | 2012 | Alessandro Nassiri