Best Practices for Sustainable Software

Project overview
  • Bottleneck area: Facilitating long-term software preservation and sustainability
  • Status: Granted funding
  • Duration: January 2024 - December 2024

Research software plays an increasingly important role in academic research and is now not only an indispensable scientific instrument but also a key output of many research projects. This is particularly true for the Natural and Engineering Sciences. This project develops best practices for developing, managing and preserving software in a sustainable way, taking into account issues and needs specific for the NES domain. To facilitate widespread adoption, these best practices are actively promoted through training and community building activities, in the NES domain and beyond.

Work Packages
Carlos Martinez Ortiz

project leader, Netherlands eScience Center

Enabling Best Practices for Sustainable Software in the Natural & Engineering Sciences
“This project focuses on providing the NES domain research community (researchers, RSEs, and research support professionals) with the tools they need to develop research software in a sustainable way. We plan to do this by developing guidelines, tools, infrastructure and training necessary to follow best practices relevant to their domain. Most importantly, we aim to do this in close collaboration with the NES community.”

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