Financing Sustainable Research Software

Project overview
  • Bottleneck area: Facilitating long-term software preservation and sustainability
  • Status: Granted funding
  • Duration: January 2024 - December 2024

Research Software plays a critical role in continuity of research for the Natural and Engineering Sciences. Considerable effort, time, and financial resources are invested to develop research software. Since all software requires maintenance to keep working, its long-term existence and relevance relies on continuous human and financial input. This project aims to make a thorough cost benefit and risk analysis to realise sustainable research software across the national landscape and present the results together with advice to improve the long-term financial sustainability of research software.

Work Packages
Burcu Beygu

project leader, University of Groningen DCC

With this project we are excited to initiate the first steps to shed light on the hidden costs and benefits of sustaining research software and propose concrete policy changes to ensure its long-term viability, ultimately benefiting the scientific community and its investments.”

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