NWO investments in DCC

Within the NWO Research Programme 'Implementation Plan Investments Digital Research Infrastructure' NWO is realising several activities in the area of the digital research infrastructure. There are four funding lines within this programme, among which the Local Digital Competence Centers (LDCC) and the Thematic Digital Competence Centers (TDCC).


Within the call for LDCC's in 2019 NWO financed the setting up of a local data and software support unit at the Dutch Research Institutions (universities, UMC's, NWOi's and university of applies sciences). These LDCC's provide generic support at the researchers within a single institution on FAIR data and Software. Read more on the LDCC's. 


In 2022 NWO funds the establishment of TDCC's. Where LDCC's provide support at their instritutional level, most researchers work in collaborations across institutions or on specific research themes. These collaborations often meet challenges that are common for a specific scientific domain. To overcome these challenges there will be three TDCC networks that bring together three domains of science: Life Sciences & Health (LSH), Natural & Engineering Sciences (NES) and Social Sciences & Humanities (SSH).