Biodiversity & ecology data steward network meeting 

Dear data stewards & data managers,

We would like to invite you to join us on 17 May 2024 (13:30-16:00) to explore how our community can set up a data steward network focused on biodiversity and ecology.

At Naturalis, Westerdijk Institute, NIOO and the collaborative research infrastructures ARISE and LTER-LIFE, we recognise that the data space around biodiversity data, including ecology and biology, is scattered. At the same time, our field is becoming more and more important in answering big questions for research and society.

Whereas university-based and institutional Local Data Competence Centres (LDCCs) generally focus on generic solutions across disciplines, we lack a platform to exchange more biodiversity and ecology-specific data and e-science stewardship solutions. We have therefore drafted a proposal to the Thematic Data Competence Centre for Lifescience & Health (TDCC-LSH), together with technical partners SURF, DANS and NLeSC, to support us in addressing this gap.

Our aim is to connect with each other to exchange good practices, address common issues we face, and explore what specific requirements biodiversity and ecology data stewards have with respect to data and e-science competence. To this end, an initial proposal was pre-submitted to the TDCC-LSH, and a revision will be submitted in June.

We would like you and your university/institute to be involved in the setup of this Thematic Data Competence Center for Biodiversity data. This TDCC-Biodiversity will encompass a data stewards network and provide links to national and international initiatives regarding the technical and social aspects of biodiversity and ecological data stewardship and e-science.

On the 17th of May (13:30- 16:00), we invite you to an interactive and exploratory start of this biodiversity data steward network with the aim of getting to know each other. The meeting will be hosted by TDCC-LSH at the office of Health-RI in Utrecht (Jaarbeurs).

Preliminary program:

  1. Introductions
  2. Highlights to share
  3. The ABCDE proposal
  4. Open discussion on biodiversity & ecology datastewardship issues
  5. Discuss follow up

Please contact Geerten Hengeveld if you want to join or have any questions (, and feel free to forward the invitation to those who might be interested. 

Hoping to meet you on the 17th of May,

Rutger Vos (Naturalis)

Elaine van Ommen Kloeke (Naturalis & ARISE)

Michiel Punt (eScienceCentre)

Cees Hof (DANS-KNAW)

Wendy Shamier (SURF)

Sharif Islam (Naturalis)

Duong Vu (Westerdijk Institute-KNAW)

Geerten Hengeveld (NIOO-KNAW, LTER-LIFE)

Supported by Kimberley Zwiers, TDCC-LSH