Putting software sustainability into practice (for NES)

As a part of the TDCC-NES project Best Practices for Sustainable Software, project members from the eScience Centre, Carlos Martinez Ortiz and Mateusz Kuzak, are organising an interactive session at NWO ICT.OPEN 2024.

For registration and details visit the NWO ICT.OPEN webpages.

Writing research software is difficult! There are many resources on the web which makes it difficult to navigate and it can be overwhelming to try to find the reliable information.

The Netherlands eScience Center together with partners in the NES domain has compiled a curated list of resources with the goal of simplify the process of finding the guidance researchers look for.

In this workshop they will share resources for making research software more sustainable, reproducible and reusable. Participants will have the opportunity to get hands-on experience with these tools and resources to improve their software. The workshop organizers will collect feedback from participants on how to improve these resources. Examples of resources include the a registry for research software, tools for software citation, templates, etc.