Submit your ideas for the TDCC-SSH bottleneck projects

The Thematic DCC Social Sciences & Humanities (TDCC-SSH) is welcoming professional research support staff, research service providers, and researchers to provide ideas and input for our first 'bottleneck' projects. 

We recently began starting up the TDCC-SSH and are now busy setting up our governance structure, connecting to the Dutch research data landscape, and gathering first ideas for projects. Over the next 5 years, we will offer several rounds of funding for collaborative projects to improve discipline-specific challenges with FAIR data & software within SSH. 

While we will plan roadshow visits at the Local DCCs and research services providers over the coming months, we are already collecting ideas from the broader community.

Bottleneck projects

The TDCC-SSH roadmap document (p.11-12) defined several activity clusters for which there can be bottleneck projects to improve the Dutch SSH data landscape. These clusters include: FAIRification of data and software, Raising awareness, Knowledge enhancement, Addressing pressing issues.

This is where you come in - We are now inviting the SSH community to share input and ideas for our bottleneck projects. Pitch your project idea now!

Please use this Google Form (Link) to submit

What will we do with your input?

We, the TDCC-SSH, will read all input and try to match the ideas with other potential projects and topics. Ideas that do not fit in the first (bottleneck) round will be kept for other upcoming project rounds. If you send in input, we will get back to you in any case.

Please note that there will be several additional opportunities in the future, including later this year and annually in the coming years.

We look forward to your input, the online form will be open until June 5th until June 15th, 2023.