Governance for the TDCC NES is up and running

TDCC-NES Governing Board

The TDCC-NES Governing Board (GB) held its first convening meeting in November 2023 and has just met online, on 5th March 2024, for its first working meeting.

There was a buzz of excitement in the air during the first meeting in November when representatives from eighteen stakeholders across the Netherlands came together to meet for the first time. With the board made up of a mix of research staff, data stewards, local DCC coordinators, faculty staff, and managers, and with representation from across numerous science and engineering disciplines, we're confident that the board will represent diverse views and insights that will strengthen the TDCC NES programme of work. 

Members of the board are keen to help guide the development of projects during 2024, and formed a Project Development Working Group to oversee the details. This group worked hard to review all the project idea submissions received by the February deadline, and produce a summary advice for the March GB meeting. The whole GB has commented on each project idea, and decisions were made in this March meeting about which projects to move forwards and develop into full TDCC-NES proposals. Expect news on these projects soon!

The GB also elected in November a small Executive Team, who are working closely with the staff team to take care of day-to-day decisions. The Executive Team has been meeting online every month since then with a full agenda, and will soon start thinking about how we respond to the Open Science NL work programme, and the evaluation of the first two years of the TDCCs for the NWO.

On our web pages, you can read more about the work of the TDCC-NES Governing Board, where you’ll also find the names of your representatives, summaries of the meetings, achievements during the previous year, and information about what’s coming up.

The Governing Board represents the TDCC-NES community in shaping the activities and the direction that the TDCC will take, so if you have any suggestions to make, or questions to ask, your representative should be easy to contact.