TDCC-NES Governance

The TDCC NES Governing Board will serve the science and engineering research community by identifying the challenges that should be addressed via the TDCC NES, and ensuring that the TDCC NES activities, project funds, and community collaborations, are organised in the most effective way to address these challenges. 

The TDCC NES governance framework is based on independence, representation, inclusiveness, participation, and accountability. 

Responsibilities of the TDCC NES Governing Board

> Identifying the key challenges and priorities for the TDCC NES community, 
> Making operational decisions, 
> Ensuring alignment with the national digital agenda and international developments,
> Advising and evaluating projects, 
> Overseeing reporting to the funding agency (NWO).

Governing Board Meetings

Meetings of the TDCC NES Governing Board will be announced via the website along with an agenda, and minutes will be shared after each meeting.
Next meeting: November 2023

If you wish to know more

If you wish to know more, please contact the TDCC NES Staff Team.