Reflecting on our Teaming Up Across Domains event

Authors: Kimberley Zwiers, Nils Arlinghaus, Mira Stanic, Margriet Miedema

On 27 February the three Thematic DCCs (Life Sciences & Health (LSH), Social Sciences & Humanities (SSH), Natural & Engineering Sciences (NES)) and the LCRDM (National Coordination point of Research Data Management) organized a large event with the theme Teaming Up Across Domains. Teaming up with the Research Data Alliance NL (RDA-NL), the Data Steward Interest Group (DSIG), and Local DCCs, the day focused on making progress through collaboration with hands-on sessions and ample networking opportunities. It was a phenomenal event with well over 200 participants, filled with community-led workshops, an inspiring keynote speaker, flash talks demonstrating community initiatives, and a rather informal and welcoming atmosphere.

The day started with a great opening talk by the event’s chair, Ingrid Dillo (Executive Project Manager at DANS and member of the Research Data Alliance Council). This was quickly followed by the G.H.O.S.T. Collective, who provided an entertaining icebreaker for the day with their "Open Science Against Humanity" game. The game immediately set the tone for the day, which was fun, open, and encouraging people to connect or reach out to others they hadn’t met before. Afterwards, several communities presented themselves on stage, including the three TDCCs, LCRDM, RDA, DSIG and OSC-NL (Open Science Communities in the Netherlands).

The second part of the program consisted of two parallel session rounds, each with five parallel sessions covering either domain agnostic or domain specific topics. If you missed one of these sessions or would like to learn more about an initiative, please click on the link below to read the session notes.

The workshop topics included:

Morning sessions

Afternoon sessions

The third part of the program was a keynote presentation by Dr. Amir Raoof from the Structures of Strength platform, where researchers from different fields such as biology, medicine, culture, history, engineering and mathematics learn from each other and work together in order to combine their knowledge and create real solutions related to health, food, energy, cultural and environmental issues. Dr. Amir Raoof is a truly inspiring speaker who captivated the entire audience with his presentation. Afterwards, several bottom-up initiatives were presented through flash talk presentations. Topics ranged from citizen voices, digital skills through The Carpentries collaborations, open hardware, the Turing Way, historical maps to research software. The flash talks showed admirable examples of well-organized bottom-up initiatives that managed to ‘team up’ and mobilize a community around topics they are passionate about. The day ended with networking drinks that provided ample opportunity to meet like minded peers from other communities. 

With over 210 registered attendees, 8 communities, 10 workshops, and 6 initiatives, it was a truly community-driven Teaming Up event. We are extremely grateful to all the attendees, workshop providers and presenters for an amazing day. This day would not have been possible without all of your contributions. Keep teaming up!

Photo credit: L. Varat