Challenge call: Seven project ideas selected to turn into SSH proposals

We at the TDCC-SSH are excited to share with you the project ideas that will move forward in our process for the NWO TDCC Challenge call. We received over 20 ideas for collaborative projects, transparently shared the complete list of submissions, and organized public presentations on three separate days. Now, our Assessment & Selection Committee has completed its review of the ideas.

Review by committee

The review was based on various factors, e.g. how well an idea fits into our roadmap, how much it represents a collaboration, and how tangible the outcomes are. The result was a prioritization list of the project ideas. Starting at the top of the list, we move forward ideas until the total budget of €1.6 million for this round is used up. This led to a total of seven project ideas moving forward. Over the coming months, their submitters will now develop the ideas into full proposals to the NWO.

Here the list of project ideas that will be turned into proposals:

Project idea titlePrimary contact personOrganizations involved in creating project idea
Transparency CheckProf. dr. René BekkersVU, SURF, DANS, ODISSEI, TU/e, ...
RIGHTS: Responsible Implementation of Gathering, Handling, and Treating Sensitive Individual Digital TracesProf. dr. Theo AraujoUvA, Utrecht University, RU, EUR, TiU, VU
Towards a Modular Infrastructure for Comprehensive RDMEmma SchreursUvA, SURF, DANS, AUMC, EUR, LU, RU, TiU, TU/e, VU
SYNAPSIS 1.0: Synergy Platform for Integrating Audiovisual Data Archiving & Analytics For the Social Sciences.Dr. Mark DingemanseRU, VU, SURF, EUR, CLARIAH
Towards FAIRifying legal software for data extraction, exploration, and annotationShashank ChakravarthyMU, TiU, RUG, LU, RU, UU, EUR, Avans, TNO/UvA
Synthetic data: leveraging the potential of sensitive data in SSH researchTim KokSURF, DANS, ODISSEI
Peer-to-peer skills building in scholarly communicationDr. Frédérique BelliardTU Delft, LU, EUR
Project ideas that will move forward.

If you have input for one (or more) of these projects and have not yet had the opportunity to express it to the project team, please feel free to still reach out to them. This also applies if you would like to be involved in the project in any capacity, e.g. providing in-kind expertise or support. The contact information can be found through the complete list of submissions.

Waiting list

In case the team of one of these ideas decides not to proceed, the next projects may be given the opportunity to write a full proposal. The runners-up have been placed on a waiting list:

Project idea titlePrimary contact person
STories of Arrival: Amsterdam Diaries (STAD)Dr. Marleen Rensen
FAIR record linkage for a scattered data landscapeProf. Dr. Wolter Hassink
Establishing a Linked Open Data Ecosystem Integrating Community, Technology and Literacy to Support the Digital Heritage Landscape in the NetherlandsPedro Hernández Serrano
Artwork Interviews Made FAIR (AIM FAIR)Dr. Hanna Fricke
Creating a repository of variables from survey dataDr. Olga Grünwald
Project ideas that are on the waiting list.

The remaining nine project ideas not listed here will not be considered in this call, but the submitters are welcome to develop their idea further and submit it again for other funding opportunities, incl. future TDCC-SSH calls.

Learnings for the future

While we already took note of several things to adjust and improve for the next call, we are satisfied with the resulting selection of projects and happy with how well our transparent, communities-involving process worked already. We anticipate this collaborative spirit to continue to play a major role in the further development, the execution, and the impact of these projects.

Thank you all for being part of this!