The TDCC NES is a network, governed by partners. Such a community based governance helps the TDCC to act in the best interest of this community and gives the community leadership in decision making. The various roles and tasks of the governance should include: participation in strategic decision making, work plans and priorities; ensuring alignment with the national digital agenda and international developments; evaluation of project proposals; overseeing yearly NWO reporting and community evaluations.


The TDCC NES governance will be based on a set of valuable principles as independency, representation, inclusiveness, participation, accountability and be participatory.


A governance structure will be worked out in the first 6 months of 2023 together with representatives from the Dutch knowledge institutes with Natural & Engineering Sciences research departments.

Do you want to participate in the TDCC NES Governance?

When there is more information on the Governance we will inform you through our mailings and this platform. In the mean time if you and your organisation wish to be included in setting up the governance please contact us.